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At The Brewood & Coven

Parish Council Offices

35 Stafford Street, Brewood

Staffordshire ST19 9DX

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NEXT GENERAL MEETING  Wed 31st January 2018 7:30pm Next Working Party  Sunday January 28thh 2018 10:00am - 12:00 noon Meet at Oram’s Lane Entrance  Contact Phil on 01902 851207 Or H O M E  P A G E
With Co-operation between Ryan Taylor ,  Julian Hayes and Tom Greatrex We at long last  have a Draft Management Plan for Barnfield Sandbeds This is a Work in Progress so any constructive  comments Would be welcome to Spot The Species Worksheet  Bird Nesting Box Survey  November 2017 SUPPORTED BY SSDC Lottery  - Click Icon  for Details